Custom Sublimation Transfers Sheets up to 24" x 36"

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Sublimation Transfers


Welcome to AW Sublimation Printing

★ HOW ~ TO ~ ORDER ★

Measure your desired imaging area on your shirt or substrate, determine what measurements you want your transfer(s) to be...then simply select the sheet size(s) that best fit your measurements.

- Email us your ‘PRINT-READY’ graphic(s), artwork prior to ordering, ‘IF’ you're unsure of your graphics quality, usability, etc.
* If certain of your graphics quality, feel free to order first and then email us your graphics. ☺

Email graphics to: awhomeshop85 [!at] gmail.com

- Select your Sheet Size(s) and Quantities. For ordering various sizes / quantities, simply use the shopping cart_ the ‘Add To Cart’ button.

Sublimation transfers printed and shipped in ONLY 1-3 business days!


*All Prices are Wholesale
8.5 x 11 @ $1.35 per transfer!
8.5 x 14 @ $1.50 per transfer!
11 x 17 @ $2.60 per transfer!
13 x 19 @ $4.50 per transfer
17 x 22 @ $6.75 per transfer
19 x 25 @ $7.75 per transfer

We use ultra-premium quality, large format sublimation paper (roll). Our paper is a thicker weight that holds more dye (ink) to yield a deeper, more vivid image that’s great for soft as well as hard substrates. Whether you are imaging shirts, pillows, mouse pads, ceramics tiles, mugs, aluminum panels, glass cutting boards or the 100's of other sublimation products & substrates ...our premium transfers are printed to provide stellar results transfer after transfer.


-Accepted file type(s): PDF, PNG, TIFF, JPG,, EPS
-Color Format: RGB
-File Size / Resolution: 200 to 300 d.p.i
-Do not mirror / reverse your images. (We do that for you.)
*If imaging 'non-mirror' substrates (cutting boards, glass tile, etc), let us know

⬣ VERY IMPORTANT⬣ Your transfers will only turnout as good as the files you use. If you desire to use a low quality, blurry, internet-size graphics (72dpi or less) you will receive less than ideal transfers. If you are unsure of your files quality, PLEASE ask questions and/or send us your file(s) PRIOR TO ORDERING for us to evaluate the quality.


As stated above, our turnaround is just 1 - 3 business days!


➤ Dye Sublimation DOESN'T have White ink and DOESN’T image dark / black fabrics. Any white in your graphic will be void of color (no ink). *Shirt color will show in white areas of your graphic.

➤ Dye Sublimation works with WHITE or LIGHT COLOR polyester fabrics or hard goods SPECIALLY COATED for dye sublimation technology. 100% poly will provide the best, most vivid, full color results. Poly blend fabrics are usable however the results will be a much lighter, more vintage look.

🕱 → 100% cotton, hemp, wool, or natural fabrics WILL NOT image with Dye Sublimation.← 🕱

➤ NO IRON!! Sublimation transfers are not iron-on transfers! A heat press is required!

➤ Transfers can only be used once.
💡(However, re-using transfers can create some cool effects)

➤ We do not charge extra for gang sheets (multiple files on the same sheet). Fill up your transfer area however you need - with the same images, different images or one large image. It is totally up to you!
***Please provide your own ganged/ grouped graphics. (If available) We can gang your files / provide minor graphic editing but graphic fees will apply.

➤ Our turnaround time is just 1-3 business days!! Our default shipping is USPS Priority (normally 2-3 days transit for most US shipments). For extremely time critical orders, RUSH Service as well as expedited shipping services are also available.


Again, if you have ANY questions, please ask. We would be HONORED to earn your business.